At Home in Europe (AHIE)

When young citizens turn into "reporters"

At home in Europe

Each year within the EU, 150 000 Erasmus students take the initiative to cross the borders of their country to make their way toward other horizons. These "border-crossing" students decided one day to act as "citizen-reporters". Through their video reportages, shot in member countries of the European Union, they are our eyes and ears taking off to meet with our European civil society. Here, in a few images, the narratives of these "out of the ordinary" reporters.

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At home in least-developed countries

There are numerous stereotypes and preconceived ideas upon the area of development assistance. “To what utility is our money spent by the NGOs? Who is in charge of rating the priority regarding the different actions? Do the projects coincide with the real needs of the local population?…” In order to get a closer look on these questions, some young reporters from the Erasmus generation, went off to find out what was happening “in the field” with a film crew. In some least-developed countries of the South, they met with local NGOs active in humanitarian projects.

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Active European remembrance

Four young Europeans meet with historians and witnesses of our past… They investigate the events of the Second World War in Germany (the student movement of the White Rose in Munich), in France (the Vel d’Hiv Roundup in Paris, the resistance in Vercors), in Russia (Katyn Forest massacre), in Poland (Auschwitz, the ghetto of Warshaw…). The unearthing of the fascinating historical accounts form the survivors provide themes and topics of discussion very relevant to present day society; such as the origins of fear, which can lead to consider the “other” as bad, impure and to be rejected.

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These projects has been funded with support from the programme ‘Europe for citizens’ of the European Commission, the Belgian Development Cooperation and the Hippocrene Foundation.

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