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MILSET Regional Expo-Sciences 2018

Welcome to Abu Dhabi! MILSET Expo-Sciences International 2019 organised by ACTVET and MILSET is a non-competitive multicultural exhibition that showcases STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and the Arts ) projects developed by children and youth from around the world, as well as interactive exhibits by STEAM-related institutions.

The Expo-Sciences programme includes cultural and scientific visits, leisure activities, workshops, the Leader Congress and the Young Citizens Conferences YCC. During the event national youth STEAM programme leaders will meet to share and discuss the best practice in STEAM promotion and education.

The best youth STEAM-projects selected in national or regional fairs organised by MILSET members will be part of this outstanding event. If you are a non-member organisation and want to participate in ESI 2019 and know more about MILSET send us a message to


MILSET MILSET Regional Expo-Sciences
MILSET Regional Expo-Sciences season is almost over. All participants are ready to be part of MILSET Expo-Sciences Asia 2018!

MILSET Expo-Sciences Asia 2018
MILSET Expo-Sciences Europe 2018
MILSET Expo-Sciences Latin America 2018
MILSET Expo-Sciences Vostok 2018
YCC on Artificial Intelligence Young Citizens Conferences on Artificial Intelligence
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MILSET STEAM Photo Contest 2018 MILSET STEAM Photo Contest 2018
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The 5th Russian-Mexican Youth Research Expedition to the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia was held from July 14 to July 24, 2018. The expedition was organized jointly by the Sakha Junior Science Academy, Khoroshevskaya School (Khoroshkola), All-Russian Movement of Creative Teachers "Researcher", Mexican National Network of Technological and Scientific Activities for Youth RED and MILSET Vostok.

MILSET President Mr. Roberto Hidalgo and MILSET AMLAT Vice-President Mrs. María Angélica Riquelme visited CATIE Research Center and University (Escuela y Colegio Científico Interamericano CATIE) in San José, Costa Rica in an official mission. They had several meetings to strengthen bonds and talk about new projects with one of MILSET's newest members.

MILSET Executive Committee meeting will be held on October 19 in Daejon, South Korea.

MILSET Asia General Assembly will take place on October 20 in Daejon, South Korea during MILSET Expo-Sciences Asia ESA 2018.

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  • 19/10 - Asia: MILSET Expo-Sciences Asia 2018
  • 03/10 - Asia: INSPO 2018
  • 19/09 - Beamline for Schools
  • 08/07 - Vostok: MILSET Expo-Sciences Vostok 2018
  • 02/07 - Amlat: MILSET Expo-Sciences Latin American 2018
  • 29/05 - Amlat: Expo-Sciences Brasil 2018
  • 07/05 - Asia: 3rd Tehran Local Expo Science
  • 26/04 - Europe: Belgian Science-Expo
  • 23/04 - Asia: Kuwait Cooperative Center for Students Programmes convention signature
  • 05/04 - Africa: Printemps des Sciences de FES-MEKNES 2018
  • 24/03 - Europe: I Giovani e le Scienze
  • 22/03 - Europe: Exporecerca Jove - MAGMA
  • 15/03 - Europe: European Science Day for Youth 2018
  • 26/02 - Asia: Innovation Leaders Programme-Yemen
  • 14/02 - Call:MILSET Expo-Sciences Asia 2022
  • 09/01 - Asia: I-FEST²
  • 07/12 - Europe: 33th Young Researchers Encounter - INICE
  • 27/10 - Asia: Saudi Arabia 1rst in Science Centres
  • 27/10 - Asia: Excellence Award from the ASTC
  • 01/10 - Asia: 5th Arab Robotics Conference
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